Staffing Announcement – Literacy Leader

May 16, 2018

Literacy Leader

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mary Reimer as the Literacy Leader for the Prairie Rose School Division effective September 4, 2018.

Prior to Mary’s appointment as EAL Leader, she had taught English Language Arts for over 10 years.  In her experience, she has was a member of a New Brunswick Reading and Writing Standards Committee where the team developed reading and writing standards that were to be applied provincially.  Mary also held a supplementary position of responsibility in English Language Arts and & Literacy assisting administrators and divisional staff to achieve literacy goals.

This past year, Mary has accomplished many EAL goals such as gathering data and completing assessments of the EAL students in the PRSD. The information that was gathered, the ground work that was established, and the direct support offered to many teachers and students provide an excellent baseline for the next EAL Leader.

PRSD welcomes Mary’s expertise in literacy as we continue to build on the literacy priority goals within our division.

Congratulations, Mary!


Terry Osiowy
Prairie Rose School Division

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