Staffing Announcement – Carman Collegiate Vice-Principal

March 20, 2018

Vice-Principal – Carman Collegiate

On behalf of the PRSD Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce the permanent appointment of Evan Williams as Vice-Principal for Carman Collegiate effective September 2018.

Evan has been teaching at Carman Collegiate since September 2011.  He has been the Interim Vice-Principal at Carman Collegiate since February 2017.

Evan demonstrates a commitment to life-long learning.  His educational training includes an Industrial Arts Certificate, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Post-Baccalaureate in Special Education.  He is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education in Educational Administration.

Evan demonstrates a positive and professional leadership style and is very student centered in all aspects of his professional work.  His commitment to creating and promoting a positive, engaging, and safe learning community for both students and staff at Carman Collegiate is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations, Evan!


Terry Osiowy
Prairie Rose School Division

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