PRSD Schools Participate in Jersey Day #humboldtstrong

PRSD schools participate in the April 12 Jersey Day to honour the Humboldt Broncos.

St. Laurent Jersey Day

St. Laurent School (above) Stefanie B. a Grade.11 student at St. Laurent School started a fund raising effort for the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus accident. Stefanie, an athlete herself and an avid hockey player, felt she could do something. She made posters and paper pucks to sell for $1 each, where people could write a message or just a name. As of April 12, she has raised a total of $ 665.00. She also planned for the whole school to wear their favourite jerseys.

Elm Creek Jersey Day

Elm Creek School (above). Elm Creek School accepted donations and brought in over $1,000 for STARS Air Ambulance Services.

Carman Collegiate Jersey Day

Carman Collegiate (above). Carman Collegiate held a BBQ and raised $800 to be donated to the Humboldt Broncos. Donations will continue to be accepted till Tuesday, April 17.

Miami School Jersey Day

Miami School (above)

Carman Elementary Jersey Day

Carman Elementary (above)

St. Paul's Collegiate Jersey Day

St. Paul’s Collegiate (above)

École St. Eustache Jersey Day

École St. Eustache (above)

St. François Xavier School Jersey Day

St. François Xavier School (above)

Roland School Jersey Day

Roland School (above)

Hutterian Colony Staff Jersey Day

Staff at the Hutterian Colony School Administration Office (above)

PRSD Jersey Day