Student Services

The Prairie Rose Student Services team is responsible for the provision of appropriate supports to foster school and classroom communities where all students, including those with diverse needs and abilities, have a sense of personal belonging and achievement.  Supports for students and staff include:


  • Continuum of Services
  • Adapted, Modified or Individualized Programs
  • Services of division Resource Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Counselors
  • Education Assistant Support
  • Services of Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists
  • Transition Planning (school entry and school leaving).
  • Applications to Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth for special needs categorical funding
  • Professional development of Student services support staff.
  • Development and implementation of Student Services Policies.
  • Consultation with Hearing, Vision, and Special Ed Consultants from Manitoba, Citizenship & Youth
  •  Liaison with agencies outside the school division.

For further information regarding these and other services please contact Louise Duncan, Director of Student Services at  204-745-2003

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
The following information has been taken from the Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth Document, Working Together: A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs in School, or Supporting Inclusive Schools: A Handbook for Student Services. If you wish to view a complete document they are available as downloads by clicking on the links. The information is organized as a series of questions that a parent may wish to ask regarding Special Services.

  1. What can I do as a parent of a Special Needs Child?
  2. Who do I contact if I have a concern regarding my Special Needs Child?
  3. My Special Needs child hasn’t entered school yet. What do I do?
  4. My child has entered school and is having difficulty learning. What do I do?
  5. What does my child’s teacher mean by a Referral or a Referral Process?
  6. The teacher has decided that my child needs an Assessment. What does this mean?
  7. Who will work with my child? What is a team? Who is on my child’s team?
  8. What can I do to work with my child’s Team?
  9. How will the school plan a program that will suit my child needs?
  10. What is an Individualized Education Plan? Can I be involved in my child’s plan?
  11. What are some of the Program Supports that my child might benefit from?
  12. My Special Needs child is nearing the end of his/her school career. What type of supports are available as he/she moves out of school?
  13. My child’s teacher uses words that I am unfamiliar with. Where is a glossary that I can use to find out what they mean?
  14. What is ‘Inclusion’ ?
  15. What are the different levels of Financial Support provided by the Provincial Government for Special Needs?