Elm Creek School Teacher Named MHSAA Payworks Coach of the Month

Mr. Derek Tyler, Athletic Director, Phys. Ed. teacher, and coach from Elm Creek School has been chosen as MHSAA Payworks Coach of the Month on November 30th, 2018. Congratulations, Derek Tyler!

Here’s what the Manitoba High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) website says about Derek Tyler:

“He has worked at Elm Creek School for eight years and during this time he has coached varsity and junior varsity boys and girls’ volleyball, basketball and track & field. Since coming to Elm Creek, he has led three varsity girls’ basketball teams and four varsity boys’ volleyball teams to the Provincial Championships.
Derek created a volleyball academy at Elm Creek School which began in the fall of 2018 where students are honing their skills, along with learning about refereeing, health and wellness.

This school year Derek is coaching a boys junior varsity volleyball team, girls varsity basketball team, and the school’s track & field team.

His level of commitment to all three teams is exemplary. Spending the day teaching, and then spending the extra hours required to coach is normal for most schools; however, he does it all year long.
All students in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 school of Elm Creek connect with Derek Tyler, not just the athletes. Every athlete wants to be coached by him and the athletes he does coach, grow in skill and as a person. He recognizes that they are student athletes, not just an athletes. He teaches them to be a whole player, personally and athletically through example.”

PRSD along with Elm Creek School are very proud of Derek Tyler’s well-deserved recognition!

Visit the MHSAA Coach of the Month Website

Derek Tyler, MHSAA Coach of the Month