Division Office Staff

Central Office Staff

Serving the Division

Below is a list of the Prairie Rose School Division Central Office Staff. Phone 204-745-2003 or email prsd@prsdmb.ca

Superintendent/CEO Terry Osiowy
Assistant Superintendent Ron Sugden
Secretary-Treasurer/CFO Gerard Lesage
Director of Student Services Louise Duncan
Facility Maintenance and Capital Project Supervisor Claude Plante
Transportation Supervisor Trevor Ryan
Human Resources Manager Joanne Johnston
Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer Lorraine Girouard
Payroll Administrator Lorna Last
Payroll Assistant Joy Huggan
Finance Assistant Sherry Peirson
Executive Assistant Arli Cruikshank
Administrative Assistant – Reception, Education, and Student Services Janessa Damphousse
Administrative Assistant – Transportation and Facility Maintenance/Capital Projects Monica Halbesma
Information Systems Supervisor Tyler Oakes
Assistant Supervisor of Operations Chris Hegele
Career Development Leader Nick Verras
Literacy Leader Barbara Penner
Literacy with ICT Leader Reg Reimer
French Language Coordinator Marcel Houde
Numeracy Leader Marnie Stevenson
Workplace Safety and Health Coordinator Rick Lawrence