Carman Elementary Grade 6 Empty Bowls Project

The grade 6 students have completed their Empty Bowls Project.  Students had been discussing and learning about poverty, child hunger, and other social issues that impact us locally and globally.  They are aware that these important issues are not solely a third world issue and they want to help out!

The students have researched, designed, and created bowls in small groups and then sold their bowls to family and friends in hopes of raising money to make a charitable donation.

Over the Christmas holidays, Grade 6R made a class donation through World Vision. Their donation allowed for medicine, food, and sports equipment to be sent to a third world country in need. They set a second goal of raising $125.00 to supply a community with a toilet and wash station.

The second goal that has been set is to make a donation to our local food bank. Students were successful in raising the first $125.00, and a staff member generously offered to match their donation.

The kindness, empathy, and team work that has gone into this project has been amazing.  In total they were successful in raising $325.00!!

Carman Elementary Empty Bowls Project

Pictured: Students are presenting their $200.00 cheque to Carman Ministerial Group. Accepting the cheque is Trudy Thorarinson

Courtesy of Teacher A. Rheault, Carman Elementary