Classroom Teacher

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Position:  Classroom Teacher
Reports to:  Principal

Policy:  Every classroom teacher is expected to teach diligently and faithfully in accordance with the contractual agreement with the Board of Trustees and in compliance with the Public Schools Act and regulations of the Province of Manitoba.

The classroom teacher is responsible and accountable to the principal.  The classroom teacher is responsible to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the principal and school staff in carrying out this role and its accompanying duties.

When required, the classroom teacher is also responsible to work collaboratively with the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent/CEO, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Student Services, Secretary Treasurer/CFO, Human Resources Coordinator, Facility/Maintenance and Capital Projects Supervisor, and Transportation Supervisor.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepares and teaches courses assigned by the principal utilizing curriculum prescribed and approved by the Minister of Education
  • Establishes and maintains an effective learning environment which is welcoming, inclusive, orderly, respectful, and conducive to student learning
  • Applies sound instructional, assessment, evaluation, and reporting practices that promote validity, reliability, and fairness to all students
  • Evaluates student achievement and explains the assessment and evaluation procedures to be used in each course
  • Prepares and implements remedial programs for students requiring additional assistance
  • Uses the results from classroom, divisional, and provincial assessments and evaluations to enhance teaching and learning
  • Cares, disciplines, and instructs students in his/her charge and for any and all students of the school as assigned by the principal
  • Establishes conditions and practices that will contribute to the physical and mental health wellness of students and reports to the principal any special needs, serious accidents, or illnesses affecting students in his/her charge
  • Maintains order and discipline in the classroom/instructional areas and among students involved in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities for which the teacher is responsible
  • Communicates information as appropriate about student progress, attendance, and behavior to students, parents, and school administration
  • Takes the class lists and accounts for students under his or her care during fire and emergency drills
  • Attends all meetings called by the principal and/or superintendent/designate for the purpose of discussing educational and administrative matters
  • Reports to school when bus transportation is cancelled due to inclement weather and road conditions unless getting to school causes undue personal risk
  • Informs the principal, in accordance to school set timelines, that the he or she is unable to report for work, or continue to perform his or duties, because of illness
  • Provides, as is reasonably possible, adequate plans and instructions for substitute teachers
  • Participates in ongoing professional development as an individual and as a member of the school and divisional professional learning community
  • Participates with and completes all professional performance evaluation requirements as per divisional policies
  • Completes attendance reports and all other records and reports as required
  • Supports school policies as articulated in the staff and student handbooks
  • Admits to his or her classroom student teachers who are enrolled in a teacher education institution for the purpose of practice teaching and observing instruction
  • Forwards to the principal all school records, including his or her summary of student work and evaluation records when he or she leaves his or her position
  • Reports for work and be in the school at least 10 minutes before the opening hour in the morning and 5 minutes before the opening hour in the afternoon session; unless prevented from doing so by exceptional circumstance approved by the principal
  • Remains in the school building until the official closing time of his or her grade/subject unless permission to leave has been granted by the principal
  • Reports to the principal, as soon as is reasonably possible, any observed and/or reported student bullying and cyberbullying behaviour at school and/or school approved activities
  • Notifies the principal when he or she has reason to believe that a student attending school is affected by, or has been exposed to, a communicable disease or any other communicable skin disease as defined by the Public Health Act
  • Seize and takes possession of any offensive or dangerous weapons that is brought to the school by a students and hands it over to the principal
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the principal