Speech/Language Pathologist

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Approved: August 28, 2017

 Position: Speech – Language Pathologist

Reports to and will be supervised by: Director of Student Services


The Board of Trustees of Prairie Rose School Division provides Speech – Language Pathologists to schools to provide a range of services to support students with speech, language, and communication needs within the educational setting and to work collaboratively/consultatively with school administration and staff to help all students achieve.

Statement of Speech & Language Pathology Principles and Values:

PRSD Speech – Language Pathologists must register with, accept and abide by the College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba (CASLPM).  CASLPM will be the guide for professional practice and Speech – Language Pathologists will conduct themselves in accordance with the duties, obligations and responsibilities described therein.

Position Summary:

To assess and diagnose the communication skills of children.  To collaborate and consult with parents, educators, and community professionals in planning, coordinating, and implementing adaptations and modifications in the learning/living environments of children.  To design communication programs and provide supervision for therapy services.


 Knowledge and Skills:

  • Complete complex communication skills assessments of children and interpret diagnostic treatment and education programming information to parents, School Division personnel, and other community professionals.
  • Consult with educators, parents, and other professionals in modifying children’s learning/living environments to improve identified problem areas.
  • To collaborate with School Division personnel in developing appropriate educational programs to meet the learning needs of children with speech and language difficulties.
  • To train and provide resources to Teachers, Educational Assistants, and volunteers in the implementation of programs/recommendations.
  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments prescribed, and to provide ongoing support and consultation to personnel delivering the service.
  • To participate actively in developing and delivering professional development opportunities for school personnel, parents, and other community professionals.
  • To provide treatment services for children with speech/language disorders, and to facilitate ongoing collaborative treatment through referral services and the involvement of community resources.
  • To maintain clinical documentation and to promote communication among disciplines and with other agencies.
  • To be familiar with and adhere to divisional expectations, procedures and policies.
  • To perform other duties as assigned.
  • Ability to relate to and communicate with children, parents and professionals;
  • Ability to work as a part of a divisional/school clinical team and/or multi-disciplinary team;
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision;
  • Must show initiative;
  • Must have good organizational skills;
  • Must show empathy and tolerance in working with children and parents;
  • Must continually seek further professional development;
  • Must show a sense of discretion that respects the privacy and integrity of those with whom associated.

Education and Experience:

  • Hold a School Clinician certificate as defined in M.R. 515/88, or equivalent, or have provisional certification of same.
  • A Master’s Degree in speech and language pathology.
  • Be a registered member of the College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba (CASLPM).