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Approved:  January 15, 2018
Position: Secretary-Treasurer/CFO
Reports to: Superintendent/CEO

The Secretary-Treasurer/CFO is responsible for planning and controlling all financial activities including budgeting, accounting, reporting, payroll, and purchasing.  The Secretary-Treasurer/CFO is responsible for all functions as stipulated in the Public Schools Act and the Education Administration Act, provincial statutes and regulations and the by-laws and policies of the Board.   

As per PRSD Organizational Chart, Board Foundations and Governance, the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO oversees and is responsible for the Facilities, Transportation, and Technology departments through direct supervision of the Transportation Supervisor, Facilities Supervisor, and Information Technology Supervisor.

The Secretary-Treasurer/CFO administers Prairie Rose’s financial and business affairs in a way as to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available, with maximum of efficiency, a minimum of waste, and an ever present and overriding awareness of and concern for the impact of the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO’s efforts on both our students’ education and our ratepayers.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Board of Trustees
  • Provides direct support to the Board through the Superintendent/CEO
  • With the approval of the Superintendent/CEO prepares and submits to the Board recommendations concerning matters requiring Board action
  • Attends all regular and special meetings of the Board and, if applicable, committee meetings and records the minutes arising from those meetings, personally or through delegation;
  • Receives all Board correspondence and takes appropriate action on same, and writes all correspondence as it pertains to the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO’s area of responsibility;
  • Finalizes and approves agendas for regular and special meetings of the Board, in cooperation with the Chair of the Board, Superintendent/CEO, and Executive Assistant;
  • Maintains orderly files of all minutes, documents, contracts, insurance policies, agreements, leases, deeds, and all other official records of the Division;
  • Prepares and , where required, signs all financial and legal documents;
  • Implements all requirements and procedures for the nomination and election of School Board Trustees as per the Public Schools Act, including the appointment of a Senior Election Official, on behalf of the Board;
  • Serves as Access and Privacy Coordinator under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Act.
  • Serves as Records Manager/Security Officer under the provincial Guidelines on the Retention and Disposition of School Division/District Records
  1. Treasurer
  • Develops and manages computerized financial and business systems necessary for the effective administration of the financial resources of the Division;
  • Provides leadership and direction in the preparation of the annual budget for adoption by the Board, and along with the Superintendent/CEO, assumes the primary responsibility for the administration of the budget as adopted by the Board.
  • Directs and coordinates staff in the preparation of the financial records, statements and reports for the Division;
  • Manages the accounting and purchasing activities of the Division, including reconciliation of monthly bank statements, analysis of general ledger accounts and enforcing the overall operation of purchasing procedures and policies;
  • Directs all payroll and payments to full-time, part-time and casual employees in accordance with Collective Agreements, Provincial Legislation and administration of benefit plans;
  • Administers the insurance program to ensure that adequate coverage is maintained on the assets and property of the Division
  • Liaises with the Public Schools Finance Board regarding: debentures, grants, budgets, and other related financial and legal matters;
  • Communicates with the auditors retained by the Division;
  • Manages the preparation of cost analysis studies, the installation and operation of inventory systems, and the administration of special and/or trust funds;
  • Performs audit of school accounts on a rotational basis as appropriate.
  1. Operations
  • Reviews and/or establishes, as per Superintendent/CEO direction, administrative procedures for efficient and effective operations in the Finance, Payroll, Transportation, and Facilities departments of the school division
  • Supervises the Transportation Supervisor to ensure that student transportation services respect the requirements of the Board and provincial regulatory bodies, maintains the required standards of safety, hygiene, and efficiency at all times, and responds, or delegates responses, to major requests or concerns related to those services
  • Supervises the Facilities Supervisor to ensure that facility management respects the requirements of the Board and provincial regulatory bodies, maintains the required standards of safety, hygiene, and efficiency at all times, and responds, or delegates responses, to major requests or concerns related to those services
  • Supervises the Information Systems Supervisor to ensure that technology management respects the requirements of the Board and provincial regulatory bodies, maintains the required standards of safety and efficiency at all times, and responds, or delegates responses, to major requests or concerns related to those services
  1. Personnel:
  • Works with the Superintendent/CEO and Human Resources Manager, on the Division’s human resources policies, contracts, and agreements;
  • Communicates PRSD expectations to PRSD staff, supports a productive working climate and positive staff morale and assists the resolution of concerns as need
  • Recommends to the Superintendent/CEO such changes as are necessary in the structure and function of the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO’s, Transportation, Facilities, and Information Technology departments that would improve the division’s operation
  • Completes as per requested and/or scheduled, performance evaluations of the Transportation Supervisor, Facilities Supervisor, Information Systems Supervisor, Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer, Payroll Administrator, Payroll Assistant, Finance Assistant, Executive Assistant, and Administrative Assistants.
  • Prepares and amends, as necessary, and for the approval of the Superintendent/CEO, job descriptions of personnel who report directly to the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO
  • Authorizes the participation of supervised employees in professional development activities
  • Recommends to the Superintendent/CEO the promotion, tenure, and, when necessary, termination of any divisional personnel who is responsible to the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO
  1. Public Relations and Communications
  • Consults and collaborates on issues in a respectful and inviting manner with PRSD stakeholders; both internal and external
  • Communicates and applies PRSD policies and administrative procedures to PRSD staff and community, given emphasis to business administration, finance, transportation, facilities, and technology
  • Maintains effective communication and participation with parents/guardians in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect
  • Supports effective communication with divisional communities, including Hutterian colonies
  • Maintains effective and positive communication with employee groups
  • Liaises respectfully with social, professional, civic, volunteer and other community agencies and groups having an interest in the work of PRSD
  • Consults and cooperates with officials from Manitoba Education and Training, MSBA, MASBO, Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Prairie Rose Teachers’ Association, and CUPE 4701
  1. Other Duties
  • Participates in personal professional development through attendance at workshops and conferences
  • Maintains confidentiality and integrity showing respect to staff, parents, and members of the public
  • Assumes other responsibilities as may be assigned by Superintendent/CEO

Educational Qualifications / Experience

  • A recognized accounting degree and/or designation or related business training and work experience
  • Several years of experience in accounting, financial management including budget preparation and control, and supervisory experience
  • Senior management experience working within a team
  • Knowledge of the Public Schools Act, the Municipal Act, and the FRAME accounting system would be an asset
  • Experience working with a board and demonstrated understanding of board governance and procedures
  • Well-developed information technology skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication and organization skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to the advancement of public education for all students