School Secretary (under review)

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Immediate Supervisor(s):  School Administrator(s)


  • High School graduate.
  • Post secondary education in office procedures desirable.
  • Previous office and computer experience would be beneficial.

Knowledge and skills

  • Knowledge of various filing systems.
  • Ability to type accurately at 40 w.p.m. or more.
  • Ability to use current technology equipment.
  • Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database, and school administration programs.
  • Basic accounting knowledge and skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good organizational skills.

Personal suitability

  • Must maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Pleasant out-going personality.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Must enjoy working with people, particularly children.
  • Must show initiative.
  • Must show a sense of discretion that respects the privacy and integrity of those with whom associated.
  • Must show flexibility and adaptability to changing situations.

Position summary

School Secretaries work to help their school operate as efficiently as possible by helping the School Administrator(s), Teachers, Educational Assistants, Library Technicians, Custodians and Bus drivers serve the students better.  The school office is the clearing centre for the students, Teachers, parents and many others.  It is the Secretary who assists in solving these problems when possible, or assists by directing the inquiries appropriately.

Responsibilities and duties

The duties of the School Secretary may differ from school to school.  It is understood that some of the following duties may not apply to all situations.  Details will be worked out between the Principal and the Secretary at each school.


  • Relate effectively with people in person and by phone i.e. all Prairie Rose School Division personnel, students, parents, business people, and the general public.


  • Prepare all school correspondence (letters, memos, school calendars, announcements, agendas, minutes, etc.).
  • Prepare Teacher requests (tests, assignments, plays, student projects, report cards, student supply lists, etc.) as directed by the Principal.
  • Process/prepare all month-end reports (student enrolment, staffing profile, fire drill, Teachers/Educational Assistants taking leave, accident reports, mileage reports, etc.).
  • Record all student names and personal information and update every year;
  • Prepare class lists for School Administration, Teachers, and Division Office.
  • Type cumulative request forms for all new students.
  • Prepare student credit sheets.
  • Type statistical reports.
  • Prepare and submit departmental mark forms for high school students.


  • Responsible for the copier and copying materials.
  • Responsible for the laminator.

School mail

  • Process school mail as assigned by the School Principal.


  • Make files for new material and remove outdated files.
  • File all information relevant to the operation of the school.
  • Update and file all student cumulative records re:  Teacher and grade.

Office inventory

  • Take inventory of school supplies and books.
  • Order school supplies.
  • Prepare requisitions.
  • Keep track of all orders until order is complete.
  • Unpack, inspect, and sort all incoming supplies.


  • Petty Cash:
  • pay all bills;
  • record all transactions and balance account;
  • send receipts and Petty Cash form to Division Office;
  • cash cheques.
  • School Instructional Budget:
  • attach purchase order numbers and packing slips to requisitions and file in appropriate accounts;
  • balance each account;
  • keep a separate file on each Teacher and know the amount of money spent annually.
  • Band Rental:
  • prepare and send letters to parents for band instrument rent, or purchase (if applicable).
  • Facilities Rental:
  • co-ordinate school facilities usage;
  • fill out School Use forms; and collect rent if applicable;
  • balance account and send monies to Division Office.

Student registration

  • For all students in the fall:
  • update computer information and print out class lists;
  • update rolodex information
  • update cumulative records.
  • For new students in fall and throughout the year:
  • enter on computer;
  • enter on rolodex cards;
  • request cumulative records and update;
  • Kindergarten Registration in spring:
  • prepare registration and physical exam forms;
  • enter on computer/rolodex;
  • prepare and type orientation letters and material for parents;
  • co-ordinate interviews for student/parent/Teacher.

Parent/Teacher interviews

  • Schedule interviews for parent-Teacher days and advise parents.
  • Process report cards as required.

Duty roster
Inform Teacher of indoor and outdoor duty as scheduled by the School Principal.

Miscellaneous Duties As May be Assigned

  • Send and receive electronic mail.
  • Responsible for Office Diary/Staff Room calendar, scheduling meetings and special events, etc.
  • Supervise students sent to the office.
  • Administer minor first-aid to students.
  • Keep office and related work and storage areas tidy.
  • Help with special school projects (e.g. Christmas program, community night, book fairs, etc.).
  • Undertake any related duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

Terms of employment

  • The school year plus other time requirements as established with Senior Administration.
  • Salary as established by the Board.
  • Hours worked per school are determined by staffing formula.
  • School Principal in consultation with the Secretary will set the work schedule; (or)
  • as per the terms of the collective agreement.

Performance of this job will be evaluated by the School Principal within the first six months  of employment, and thereafter every three years.