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May 20, 2014

Position: Principal

Reports to: Superintendent

Policy: The Principal is responsible and accountable to the Superintendent. The Principal works cooperatively and collaboratively with the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Director of Student Services.

In accordance with school board policies, The Public Schools Act, the Education Administration Act, other provincial and federal statues, and within the provisions of employee collective agreements, the principal shall provide overall school leadership and work with their school communities to promote lifelong learning consistent with the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Prairie Rose School Division.

The Principal’s leadership role includes the promotion of five main domains:

Promoting Public Education:

As an agent of Prairie Rose School Division and as a facilitator of respectful partnerships between the home, the school, and the community, the principal

  • Implements provincial, divisional, and school policies and articulates them effectively to all members of the learning community
  • Articulates provincial, divisional, and school programs to all members of the learning community
  • Communicates appropriately to varied audiences about divisional and school planning priorities
  • Collaborates appropriately with the parent organization and/or individual parents
  • Collaborates appropriately with community and agencies

Promoting Student Learning:

As an instructional leader and in collaboration with divisional colleagues, the principal

  • Promotes a learning community committed to inclusive and appropriate educational programming for all students
  • Promotes a learning environment where students are emotionally invested, actively engaged, and reflective in their learning
  • Guides the school planning process to support the planning, development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of programs and instruction to meet student needs
  • Directs and organizes student assessment, evaluation, and reporting processes and implements all policies that support student learning
  • Initiates and directs research based change processes to support learning for all students
  • Models commitment to educational practice based on research

Promoting Professional Practice:

As a supervisor and mentor and acknowledging the multi-dimensional and contingent nature of leadership, the principal

  • Maintains a high level of professionalism, personal development, and growth while demonstrating flexibility, poise, and confidence in the execution of professional duties
  • Models and guides the professional ethics, behavior, knowledge, and skills that support student learning and a collegial and positive learning culture and climate
  • Directs professional learning that builds leadership capacity in the school and the division
  • Creates the conditions for professional learning by promoting the skills of reflection, conversation, collaboration, cooperation among teachers and supporting their pursuit of professional development opportunities
  • Supervises and evaluates all school personnel consistent with division policy

Promoting the Development of Educational Culture and Climate:

As a visionary leader who promotes a safe, inviting, and inclusive learning culture and climate, the principal

  • Establishes a climate that supports and encourages “risk taking” and innovation in the school that is consistent with provincial and divisional expectations
  • Facilitates through consultation with the school community, the creation of a shared vision, mission, and values of the school
  • Guides structures and processes that support a safe and positive learning culture
  • Applies change processes that effect progress toward a vision
  • Promotes respect for human diversity
  • Promotes ongoing communication with the community in support of the school’s development of culture and climate

Promoting Responsible Organizational Leadership:

As a steward of available school and division based resources, the principal

  • Collaborates with the Superintendent of Schools and, or designate(s), in the recruitment, selection, and assignment or placement of staff
  • Manages the school facility in accordance with board policies, guidelines, and procedures
  • Acquires skills and implements processes for information communication management, and the use of technology in collaboration with the division to enhance managerial practice
  • Plans for and responds effectively to critical incidents and emergencies
  • Guides the appropriate annual and long term prioritization of budget and capital resources