Mechanic’s Assistant (under review)

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Immediate Supervisor:   Supervisor of Operations

Personal suitability/qualifications

  • Must have mechanical aptitude and/or previous workshop experience as a mechanic’s assistant;
  • must be physically capable of performing all of the duties related to the position.

Responsibilities of the position

  • Assist the Head Mechanic or Mechanic as directed in all duties as outlined below, and perform such other related duties as may be assigned;
  • assist in the visual inspection of buses and components at each bus servicing.

Description of duties

  • Service Division buses – oil and filter change, check all fluid levels and grease when necessary;
  • assist the Head Mechanic in all bus inspections;
  • assist in the removal and replacement of the braking system i.e. brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders;
  • assist in the removal and replacement of transmissions, clutches, and drive line components;
  • assist in changing exhaust, mufflers, and manifolds;
  • change, replace, and repair tires;
  • assist in window and windshield replacements;
  • assist in front-end and steering checks.
  • assist in the replacement of electrical motors, switches, and lights;
  • assist in trouble-shooting as required;
  • pick up parts and assist in general shop maintenance;
  • assist in the recovery and exchange of buses;
  • perform other duties as may be periodically assigned.

Terms of employment

  • Salary as established by the Board;
  • eight hours per day/twelve month year; (or)
  • as per the terms of the collective agreement.


  • Job performance shall be evaluated by the Head Mechanic and the Supervisor of Operations in the first year of employment, and every three years thereafter.