Mechanic (under review)

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Immediate Supervisor: Supervisor of Operations

Personal suitability/qualifications

  • Must possess a Manitoba/Interprovincial Journeyman’s Certificate in heavy duty mechanics;
  • must possess communication and human relations skills;
  • must be physically capable of performing all the duties related to this position;
  • must provide all hand tools required to perform the job function.

Responsibilities of the position

Must maintain all Division school buses in a condition that provides for safety at all times and conforms to all provincial regulations and Division policies.



Description of duties

  • Have all scheduled maintenance performed on each unit as per rotational schedule, and record in unit log book;
  • perform six month inspections on units to comply with Provincial Regulation 465/88;
  • fill out work order sheets as work is completed (record work performed and number of hours spent on each unit);
  • record all parts consumed;
  • repair Division vehicles, lawn mowers ,and snow blower;
  • record every service performed in unit log book;
  • maintain a clean and safe Bus Garage in a manner that will ensure safety for himself and others;
  • be responsible to take safety precautions when servicing buses;
  • in the absence of the Head Mechanic, direct Mechanic’s Assistant;
  • perform other related duties as may be directed by the Head Mechanic or the Supervisor of Operations.

Terms of employment


  • salary as established by the Board;
  • eight hours per day/twelve month year; (or)
  • as per the terms of the collective agreement.


Job performance shall be evaluated by the Head Mechanic and the Supervisor of Operations in the first year of employment, and every three years thereafter.