Library Technician (under review)

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Immediate Supervisor: School Administrator(s)


  • High School graduate or eligibility for Library Technician training;
  • Library Technician’s certificate preferred.
  • Previous library experience would be beneficial.

Knowledge & skills

  • Knowledge of computerized library systems.
  • Good typing skills.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good oral reading skills.
  • Skills in supervising library activities.
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for books.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Personal suitability

  • Pleasant out-going personality.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Must enjoy working with people, particularly children.
  • Must exhibit patience.
  • Must show initiative.
  • Must show a sense of discretion that respects the privacy and integrity of those with whom associated.

Position summary

Provide a well-organized, smoothly functioning library environment in which Teachers and students can take advantage of available resources.

Responsibilities and duties

  1. Organize, co-ordinate, direct and supervise the work of assigned subordinates.
  2. Receive, classify, and catalogue written materials.
  3. Coordinate all circulation related to the library/resource centre,
  4. Advise the School Principal of items due for re-order,
  5. Ensure that the necessary repairs to materials and equipment in the library/resource centre are addressed by making the repairs or by informing the School Principal or designate.
  6. Deal with inquiries regarding materials and equipment available from the library/resource centre.
  7. Assist students in library procedures in locating materials.
  8. Assist and advise the School Principal regarding needs of library/resource centre.
  9. Prepare orders for all library materials, including tapes, films, kits, books, etc. from Manitoba Education and Youth and other appropriate sources.
  10. Recommend appropriate changes in, and ensure adherence to approved policies, practices and procedures related to the library/resource centre.
  11. Maintain inventory control including overdue books, and records of lost or stolen materials.
  12. In computerized libraries, all relevant and current data should be recorded. In non-computerized libraries, a card catalogue should be maintained.
  13. Clip print media in order to maintain a current vertical file.
  14. Oversee the general neatness and attractiveness of the library/resource centre and its displays.
  15. Guide students in learning proper library/resource centre etiquette and behaviour, and maintain a learning atmosphere in the library/resource centre at all times.
  16. Attend inservices and staff meetings as directed by the Principal.
  17. Read to groups of students (elementary schools).
  18. Supervise students in the library/resource centre.
  19. Promote a love of books and reading in general through special activities such as reading clubs, special guests, book fairs, contests, school themes, and activities.
  20. Promote the use of the library/resource centre and reading materials in the classroom.
  21. Initiate activities/displays for Teachers that encourage use of library materials.
  22. Rotate classroom library/resource centre materials.
  23. Train students as “library assistants”.
  24. Co-ordinate staff input in book and material selection for the library/resource centre.
  25. Screen incoming books for appropriateness and refer questionable materials to the Principal.
  26. Type up new book lists and distribute to Teachers.
  27. Process in/out library correspondence.
  28. Operate a periodic library.
  29. Store and distribute audio-visual equipment.
  30. Undertake any related duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.
  31. Maintain confidentiality in ways necessary to protect the privacy and integrity of those with whom associated.

Terms of employment

  • Ten month school year;
  • salary as established by the Board;
  • hours worked in each school are determined by formula;
  • the School Principal in consultation with the Library Technician will set the work schedule.


Performance of this job will be evaluated by the School Principal within the first six months of employment, and every three years thereafter.