Facility Maintenance/Capital Project Supervisor

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Position: Facility Maintenance/Capital Project Supervisor

Reports to: Superintendent

The Facility Maintenance/Capital Project Supervisor is a member of the senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Director of Student Services, Human Resources Coordinator, and Transportation Supervisor.

The Facility Maintenance/Capital Project Supervisor is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the planning, organization, and operation of clean, safe, secure, attractive, effective, and efficient facilities which includes nine community schools, two bus garages, and a school division administration office. The position is also responsible and accountable for the planning, executing, and delivery of Prairie Rose School Division and Public School Finance Board projects on time, within budget, and in accordance to specifications from the point of design/conceptualization to completion.

Facility Maintenance – Management and Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for identifying, contributing to the production of, implementing, and enforcing facility policies and regulations within the Division.
  • Ensures that divisional facilities, equipment, and property are kept in a safe condition by meeting the necessary codes and safety requirements.
  • Implements and maintains preventative maintenance programs for building systems including life safety, roof maintenance, elevators, security systems, HVAC, plumbing, and building envelope.
  • Maintains accurate records of facility and maintenance and operating expenses and exercise effective control over expenditures related to the approved facility and maintenance budgets.
  • Supervises and approves the school community requests as per policy.
  • Investigates, prepares reports, and makes recommendations on facility improvements.
  • Provides direct responses to questions and/or concerns from school principals, parents/guardians, and community members regarding school facilities and maintenance.
  • Oversees emergency situations and emergency repairs as they relate to school and divisional facilities. This includes being “on-call” outside of regular hours of employment.
  • Ensures that all Manitoba Education and Prairie Rose School Division forms are prepared and submitted in accordance to expectations and timelines.
  • Keeps Superintendent informed on all aspects of school facilities through regular briefing meetings and/or monitoring reports.
  • As requested by the Superintendent, provides facility and maintenance reports to the senior administration report to the Board of Trustees at regular board meetings.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Facility Maintenance – Human Resources Responsibilities:

  • Establishes and maintains a working environment with assigned staff that is respectful of workforce diversity.
  • Provides supervision and direction to all custodial staff.
  • Evaluates, as per Board policy, custodial staff.
  • Recommends the employment, transfer, termination, promotion or demotion of custodial staff.
  • Plans and carries out in-service training for custodial staff.
  • Plans, coordinates, and directs all daily activities for custodial staff; including trouble shooting and ensuring quality of workmanship.
  • Establishes criteria for the assignment of workloads and on the basis of these criteria, plans, organizes, and schedules the workloads of all staff under supervision.
  • Provides leadership during the development and revision of job descriptions for all custodian services personnel.
  • Works with the Human Resources Coordinator in the recruitment process of regular, casual, and substitute custodian personnel.
  • Assists the Superintendent and Human Resources Coordinator in overseeing the implementation and administration of the collective agreements that are connected to custodial services.
  • Resolves disputes informally and/or formally as required or as per directed by the Superintendent.

Facility Maintenance – Financial Responsibilities:

  • Works with the Secretary Treasurer in the responsible management of the annual facility maintenance operating budget.
  • Purchases or supervises the necessary items to efficiently maintain property and equipment and ensures that said purchasing is carried out in accordance with the purchasing and tendering policies of the division.
  • Manages, documents, and completes required reporting documentation as requested by the Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer.
  • Provides recommendations to the Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer during the development of the facility and maintenance budget.

Capital Project – Prairie Rose and Public Schools Finance Board Projects – Responsibilities

Primary point person responsible and accountable for the planning, executing, and delivery of Prairie Rose School Division and Public School Finance Board projects on time, within budget, and in accordance to specifications from the point of design/conceptualization to completion. Duties and responsibilities of all capital projects must be managed as per stipulations in the Public Schools Act of Manitoba, provincial statutes and regulations, and the by the by-laws and policies of the Board.

  • Works collaboratively with Public Schools Finance Board’s assigned project leader during all phases of the capital project.
  • Fosters and maintains a positive working relationship with Public School’s Finance Board, consultants, and contractors.
  • Prepares and coordinates construction tender documents for projects including verification of project scopes, researching site conditions, preparing preliminary sketches and cost estimates.
  • Reviews construction tender documents to ensure technical accuracy and compliance with building standards, established bidding periods, and closing dates.
  • Manages each project which includes allocation of adequate resources, scheduling, documentation, budgets, and other factors necessary for successful completion of projects.
  • Liaises with external consultants and contractors during design development, tendering, and construction phases of the projects.
  • Visits project site regularly, attends on-site meetings, performs on-site inspections assuring adherence to specifications, addresses construction problems, monitors post-construction warranty work, and prepares all necessary documentation.
  • Ensures that contractors are aware of and incompliance with Provincial Workplace Safety and Health Legislation and divisional expectations.
  • Reviews and provides recommendations regarding contract awards, progress payments, change orders, and final acceptance for contracted work.
  • Identifies and resolves conflicts with contractors and third party workers.
  • Reviews and responds to inquiries from Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, principals, contractors, and administrators regarding project status, progress, and problems.
  • Provides regular Capital D Project updates to the Board of Trustees and/or Operations and Finance Committee as determined by the Board of Trustees.

For each PRSD and PSFB capital project, a comprehensive project portfolio will be maintained which includes a photograph journal of project work.

Education, Experience, and Skill Sets:

  • Possess a valid Carpentry/Building Construction Certificate/Red Seal with knowledge and skills in other applicable trades is a requirement
  • Project management training/experience
  • Class 5 Power Engineering or equivalent is an asset
  • Experience in a management/supervisory role in a maintenance and construction services setting; including project and budget management, staff supervision and evaluation
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills; written and verbal
  • Strong skill sets in the usage of computers and computer aided technology and software