Executive Assistant

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Approved:      June 17, 2019
Position:         Executive Assistant
Reports to:     Superintendent/CEO

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support with a wide variety of tasks to the Superintendent/CEO, Board of Trustees, Secretary-Treasurer/CFO, Human Resources Manager, Assistant Superintendent, and Director of Student Services. The Executive Assistant is expected to ensure efficient and effective support while ensuring a high degree of confidentiality at all times at work and outside of the workplace. The performance of these duties will be in accordance with Manitoba Legislation and Acts, Prairie Rose School Division Policies and Administrative Procedures.

The Executive Assistant shall be responsible to the Superintendent/CEO for such duties as assigned and shall be prepared to perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent/CEO.

The Executive Assistant functions under the direction of the Superintendent/CEO, and must establish and maintain a close working relationship with the Senior Administration within Prairie Rose School Division.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Provides administrative support for the Superintendent/CEO (correspondence, research, filing, photocopying, faxing, emailing, etc.) as required;
  • Revises, maintains and communicates the Prairie Rose School Division Policy and Administrative Procedures Manual under the direction of the Superintendent/CEO;
  • Prepares, finalizes, and distributes divisional communication such as the Board Meeting Highlights, and the PRSD Pulse under the direction of, and in consultation with the Superintendent/CEO;
  • Prepares, organizes, updates, finalizes and distributes under the direction of the Superintendent/CEO the approved divisional calendars;
  • Collects and distributes various month-end reports received from school administrators, i.e. student enrolment reports, school drill reports, etc., to the appropriate senior administrator(s);
  • Attends and records meeting minutes as required by the Superintendent/CEO, Secretary-Treasurer/CFO;
  • Provides administrative support to PRSD Board of Trustees’ initiatives and projects; community consultations, Board planning sessions.

 Human Resources Manager

  • Keys job postings for all professional and support staff positions, ensuring deadline dates are adhered to; Receives resumes for all vacant positions by means of email, fax, and mail and drop in’s; prepares and organizes resumes for corresponding electronic job file.  Prepares interview packages as required;
  • Updates and merges correspondence for signature for staff employment letters, teacher contracts, leave requests, assignment changes, resignations, and educational assistant annual recall and layoff letters; advises I.T. department of all new staff employments and resignations for email activation and termination;
  • Receives, prepares, and organizes casual employees including Substitute Teacher applications ensuring all necessary checks and references are provided and submits to the appropriate Senior Administrator for review; enters and updates the approved casual employee including Substitute Teachers on various approved school used databases, i.e. SD Schedule, EA Substitutes, Custodians, etc;
  • Enters and updates employee information on HRIS;
  • Receives, sorts and distributes request for leaves (RFLs), updates HRIS system as directed, electronically files and returns completed RFLs;
  • Maintains, purges, and shreds employee personnel files as per the guidelines on the retention and disposition of school division records;
  • Maintains employee years of service database for years of service and retirement recognition.

Assistant Superintendent

  • Composes, proof reads, and distributes minutes of ECDI, PREP Committee, WHS Divisional Committee, and other various committee meetings using a set format within required timelines;
  • Plans and coordinates resources for various meetings, including professional development sessions;
  • Assists with suspension data and distribution;
  • Prepares and organizes a variety of assessment data received from schools;
  • Assists in the collection of various divisional reports, school plans and categorical grants and forwards collected information to the appropriate areas;
  • Assists in the collection of student achievement reports divisionally and provincially;
  • Registers students for the U of W enrichment program annually at the direction of the Assistant Superintendent;
  • Annually collects, verifies, and distributes information for high school diplomas;
  • Assists in the development of the annual report on Continuous Improvement;
  • Coordinates annual orders for Welcome to Kindergarten.

Student Services

  • Annually updates the Emergency Response and Critical Incident Guide;
  • Updates Student Services Phone List (names, position titles, office no’s, phone no’s);
  • Sends URIS B and standard health care forms to the appropriate health authority for proper URIS authorization;
  • Tracks and distributes the URIS documentation for the division, and distributes healthcare plans to respective bus drivers;
  • Organizes the distribution of Eye See…Eye Learn vision forms and hearing equipment throughout the division;
  • Organizes annually the hearing equipment for technician refurbishment. Organizes audiometer bookings with resource teachers and clinicians;
  • Maintains a central database for Student Services caseloads, enters referrals and reports, and distributes incoming referrals to appropriate clinicians and resource teachers.


  • Provides front desk coverage on a as needed basis, as determined by Assistant Secretary-Treasurer;
  • Creates, updates, and uploads forms on SharePoint and the PRSD website for Division and School use;
  • Receives, responds, reviews, and forwards emails from divisional email to the appropriate department;
  • Maintains directories including but not limited to school contacts, rural municipalities and parent advisory councils;
  • Maintains and updates automated voice mail phone, divisional postage systems and PRSD Website;
  • Maintains, communicates and coordinates calendars for meeting rooms and special event arrangements;
  • Coordinates Senior Administration registrations and arrangements for approved conferences, meetings, etc.

Educational Qualifications / Experience

  • Post-secondary education in office or business administration and/or 3-5 yrs. experience in providing progressive administrative support at a senior management level ensuring confidentiality, integrity, diplomacy, and professionalism, or an equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Knowledge of administrative practices and procedures;
  • Proficiency with MS Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Adobe products and web based programs with particular aptitude for preparing and formatting correspondence, reports and documents;
  • Strong communication skills, including demonstrated ability to produce clear written communication and correspondence;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including demonstrated ability to interact positively and work effectively with others;
  • Exceptional organization and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize, and strong attention to detail.