Director of Student Services

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January 20, 2014

Position: Director of Student Services

Reports to: Superintendent

Policy: The Director of Student Services is part of the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Director of Student Services.

The Director of Student Services shall focus in the area of educational support services and will be responsible for the long term planning, coordination, development, and evaluation of programs in the areas of student services: not necessarily limited to but including exceptional student education, clinical services, resource teacher services, counselling services, education assistant support, Aboriginal student support, programming for students at risk, medical interventions, and English as an Additional Language.

The Director of Student Services shall be compassionate, an advocate for students, and shall demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and high student achievement for all. S/he shall facilitate a diversity of programming and student services and support collaborative decision-making and school-based planning.

The Director of Student Services shall exemplify strong moral values, high standards of ethical conduct, a commitment to the Division’s philosophy of education, and excellent interpersonal, communication, and administrative skills.


Student Services:

  • Oversees the continuum of appropriate educational programming for all students
  • Provides consultation and support to the school division’s student services team and to classroom teachers to maximize opportunities for the inclusion of students with exceptional needs within regular classroom and school settings
  • Provides consultation and support for student services personnel; resource teachers, counsellors, social workers, speech and language pathologists, and psychologists
  • Provides support to families to facilitate student success
  • Arranges transportation for students with special requirements
  • Provides leadership and support to schools during the transition planning processes for students with special educational students
  • Coordinates the vision and hearing screening programs across the school division
  • Monitors and supports the implementation of Individual Educational Plans with school teams

Human Resources:

  • Provides leadership during the development and revision of job descriptions for all student services personnel
  • Manages the supervision, professional growth plans, and evaluations of clinical services personnel
  • Assists school principals in the recruitment and placement of professional and support staff who work with students with exceptional learning needs
  • Assists the Human Resources Coordinator in the recruitment process of casual/substitute educational assistants
  • Allocates educational assistant time to schools in accordance to school allocations
  • Assists the Superintendent and Human Resources Coordinator in overseeing the implementation and administration of the collective agreements that are connected to the student services operation of the school division
  • Resolves disputes informally and/or formally as required

Management Accountability:

  • Chairs divisional student services team meetings; agenda preparation and meeting distribution
  • Provides leadership and coordinates professional development opportunities for student services staff; resource teachers, counsellors, social workers, speech and language pathologists, and psychologists
  • Directs the development and implementation of divisional processes for the implementation of student health care plans (URIS – United Referral Intake Service)
  • Assists the Superintendent in the development and/or review of student services policies, procedures, and exhibits as required by the direction of the Province of Manitoba and the Board of Trustees
  • Leads and coordinates the Violent Risk Threat Assessment Committee and all related professional development and training requirements
  • Manages the completion and submission of school crisis planning, training, and reporting documentation – School Crisis Response Plan, VRTA and URIS training reports, etc.
  • Acts as the divisional coordinator for “Tell Them From Me” student survey, share divisional results with student services team, and provide leadership to divisional initiatives resulting from survey results
  • Coordinates WEVAS and First Aid/CPRS training for school division personnel
  • Develops and coordinates “Respect for Diversity” training, as defined by policy, for the school division
  • Coordinates, in collaboration with school principals, the administration of the Provincial Youth Health Survey
  • Leads the Personal Support Team of the Division Crisis Response Team
  • Manages and updates the division’s school student services profile database as approved by the senior administration team
  • Creates and presents professional learning presentations to the Board of Trustees on matters that relate to appropriate educational programming, inclusion, and student services programs
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal professional growth and development through attendance at educational conferences and workshops related to student services programming
  • Serves on divisional committee as requested
  • Liaises with community agencies as directed by the Superintendent
  • Liaises with Student Services Administrators/Directors in the region
  • Attends all Board and assigned Committee meetings as requested by the Superintendent
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Financial Accountability:

  • Provides direction to the Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer during the development of the student services budget and be responsible for the effective administration of the approved student services operational budget and assigned categorical grants
  • Manages, documents, and completes required reporting documentation of assigned categorical grants.
  • Leads the development of programming and funding proposals and coordinates the implementation, evaluation, and reporting requirements of the approved programs
  • Oversees Special Needs Categorical Grant Level II and III Funding – including the editing of applications, submissions, attendance tracking, and evaluation processes
  • Oversees Student Services Planning Report and Special Needs Funding Reviews and completes all required provincial and divisional documentation

Education and Experience:

  • A Master Degree in Education or related field
  • A Manitoba Special Education Coordinator’s Certificate
  • A Manitoba Teacher’s Certificate
  • Minimum of 5 years teaching in the field of Special Education along with previous progressive experience in educational program planning and administrative planning at a school or divisional level