Custodian (under review)

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Immediate Supervisors: Head custodian, the School Principal, and the Supervisor of Operations.
Level 1 – Casual Custodian
Level 2 – Custodian in a school with a Head Custodian
Level 3 – Custodian in a school where there is only one Custodian
Level 4 – Head Custodian (some schools – to be listed)

Personal suitability/qualifications

1 2 3 4
(a) Knowledge of custodial work and willingness/ability to learn X X X X
(B) Must have initiative and good judgment. X X X X
(C) Must be a self-directed individual. X X X X
(d) Ability to deal courteously/tactfully with co-workers, students, staff,and the public. X X X X
(e) Must be physically capable of performing all of the duties related to this position. X X X X
(f) Must be able to perform minor maintenance repairs. X X X
(g) Two or more years experience in cleaning methods/procedures. X X
(h) Minor repair of a plumbing and carpentry nature. X X
(i) Experience with steam heating systems, boiler operation. X
(j)   Supervisory/leadership ability and communication and human relation skills. X
(k) A minimum of two years experience in building maintenance and operations. x
(l) Training or experience sufficient to perform tasks such as building maintenance, care of grounds, use of hand and power tools, and the operation of machinery, e.g. snowblower, riding mower, tractor. x
(m) Previous experience in boiler, oil, and steam heating including operation and minor repair. x
(n) Possess skills to perform all of the duties related to this position.  x



Responsibilities of the positions

1 2 3 4
(a) Carry out all custodial duties as detailed in the respective custodial staff job description. X X X X
(b) To provide students with a clean and safe environment in which to learn, play and develop. X X X X
(c) Maintain time records and submit a record of all requests for time off the job to the Supervisor of Operations. X X
(e) Responsible to inform custodial staff about the work quality and performance expectations. X
(d) Responsible for supervision of the work of all custodial and maintenance personnel in the school. X
(f) Prepare and post work schedules in the Custodian’s room, ensuring that all work is distributed as fairly as possible. These schedules shall be subject to the approval of the Supervisor of Operations. X
(g) Train Custodians. X
(h) Repair, adjust, and monitor boilers, ventilation systems, heaters, and any other mechanical/electrical devices within his/her ability. X X
(i) Maintain the buildings/grounds. X X
(j) Responsible for supervising the work of all custodial personnel in the facility. X
(k) Responsible for preparing written performance evaluations of each Custodian under his/her supervision. X



Description of Duties

(Note: details of each heading follow this chart)

1 2 3 4
(a) Perform regular cleaning duties. X X X
(b) Maintain sufficient supplies. X X X X
(c) Removal of garbage. X X X
(d) Maintenance requirements/duties. X X X
(e) Perform major clean-up duties. X X X
(f) Care of equipment. X X X
(g) Building and grounds security. X X X X
(h) Maintain safety of buildings and grounds. X X
(i) Maintain school building, equipment and furnishings. X X
(j) Maintain school grounds. X X
(k) Ordering of supplies and materials. X X
(l) Supervision of Custodians. X
(m) Assist with the general cleaning of the school. X
(n) Cater to public use of building and grounds. X X
(o) Perform all the maintenance work in the building. X X
(p) New construction and renovation. X X
(q) Perform other general duties. X X X X
(r) Maintain the heating equipment. X X
(s) Maintain the plumbing throughout the building. X X
(t) Maintain all electrical systems in the building. X X





Perform regular cleaning duties

  • Mop (sweep) all classrooms, gymnasium, corridors, entrances, stairways,on a daily basis;
  • clean and disinfect all washrooms, washroom fixtures, showers, shower fixtures, daily;
  • dust all surfaces requiring dusting daily, e.g. chalkboards, chalkrails, desks, furniture, and filing cabinets;
  • wash all windows inside/outside the building as required, e.g. entrance, office, and classroom doors;
  • clean all water fountains;
  • vacuum all carpeted areas;
  • wash all carpeted areas;
  • wash all floor areas daily when required, e.g. entrances and hallways;
  • clean all lab sinks and lab tables;
  • scrub, wash, burnish floors as required;
  • keep his/her assigned areas clean at all times.

Maintain sufficient supplies

  • Fill all dispensers in all washrooms/classrooms when necessary, e.g. soap, paper.


Removal of garbage


  • Empty all garbage containers daily e.g. office, washrooms, and classrooms;
  • clean and disinfect all garbage cans on a regular basis;
  • remove garbage from storage rooms;
  • dispose of all garbage in bags supplied and place in the garbage storage bins provided.

Maintenance requirements/duties

  • Repair/replace electrical plugs, sockets, and switch covers;
  • replace light bulbs as required;
  • repair/replace plumbing fixtures, e.g. taps, toilet tank floats and traps, toilet seats;
  • repair/replace all soap/paper dispensers as required;
  • adjust doors and door closures as required;
  • check on a regular basis exit lights and emergency lighting systems;
  • check on a regular basis all playground equipment and replace defective parts e.g. swing seats and eye bolts;
  • shovel, plow, and/or sand walkways and steps as required;
  • perform such yard chores as grass cutting and tree trimming;
  • report any damage or major repairs required to the building or equipment to the Head Custodian (if applicable) or to the Supervisor of Operations;
  • move furniture or equipment within the building as required;
  • raise the flag at 9:00 a.m. and lower it at 4:00 p.m.

Perform major clean-up duties

  • Wash walls when required;
  • clean and dust all light fixtures as required;
  • wash all desks, chairs, and other furniture as required;
  • clean and disinfect all student lockers as required;
  • wash doors and windows including frames as required;
  • strip, seal, and wax floors when necessary;
  • scrub, wash, and burnish floors when necessary.

Care of equipment

  • Clean all equipment at the end of each shift and store in the proper storage room;
  • report to the Head Custodian (if applicable) any problems with any cleaning equipment and request repairs when necessary.

Building and grounds security

  • At the end of every day make sure all windows and doors are secure;
  • report any vandalism to the Head Custodian (if applicable), the Principal, and the Supervisor of Operations immediately.
  • check fire extinguishers and fire alarm system on a regular basis (once a month).

Maintain safety of building and grounds

  • Inspect all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing on a regular basis;
  • inspect extinguishers and other fire safety equipment on a regular basis;
  • keep snow and ice clear from all sidewalks, steps, entrances, and exits at all times;
  • report all unsafe conditions to the school administrator and Supervisor of Operations. Ensure that all necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. i.e. broken glass and broken playground equipment;
  • report any break-ins, thefts, or any incidents that are out of the ordinary to the School Principal and Supervisor of Operations.
  • maintain proper labelling on all chemicals used for cleaning and boiler water treatments, and have the Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) available to all personnel for all chemicals used;
  • keep all storage rooms, furnace rooms, electrical/mechanical rooms, and any unused areas clean and free from any accumulation of refuse.

Maintain school building, equipment, and furnishings

  • Clean and monitor heating and ventilating systems in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in all areas;
  • service on a regular schedule, and repair and replace when necessary, all equipment in the school, i.e. compressors and water pumps;
  • repair furnishings, i.e. desks and chairs;
  • maintain the security system in the school, including door and window locks and door closures;
  • repair, maintain, or replace, as necessary, any electrical fixtures including bulbs, switches, and plumbing, including wash basin, toilets, drinking fountains, faucets, and taps;
  • repair/replace all window glass as necessary, and damaged doors as required;
  • caulk all windows and doors as required;
  • repair/replace ceiling tiles as required;
  • replace steam heat radiators;
  • replace/clean all filters in the heating system;
  • blow down boiler each day as required;
  • test boiler water each day and all chemicals as required, and record all readings of the same;
  • report to the school administrator and the Supervisor of Operations any work required to maintain the building equipment or furnishings that he/she is unable to complete;
  • clean corridors and entrances as required;
  • perform any other related duties which may be assigned by the Principal or the Supervisor of Operations.


Maintain school grounds


  • Cut and trim grass on school property;
  • check and maintain all playground equipment e.g. swings, goal posts, and climbing equipment;
  • check and maintain all school grounds e.g. ball diamonds, soccer fields, and sand pits;
  • supervise the removal of snow from parking lots, bus loading zones, and driveways;
  • ensure that the flag is flown daily in accordance with the Regulations of the P.S.A.

Ordering of supplies and materials

  • Requisition maintenance, cleaning, and toilet supplies;
  • receive all maintenance, cleaning, toilet, and school supplies and store them in their proper places;
  • maintain a file for all Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) for all chemicals and make these available to all cleaning staff;
  • label all chemicals, and cleaning supplies properly with M.S.D.S. labels;
  • keep a sufficient amount of cleaning/toilet supplies on hand;
  • supervise the efficient and proper use of caretaking supplies, and maintain a system of stock control.

Supervision of custodians and maintenance personnel

  • Organize, coordinate, and direct the work of all personnel under his/her supervision and plan such work with the approval of the Supervisor of Operations and the School Principal;
  • ensure proper discipline and conduct of all personnel under his/her supervision;
  • present written reports of any unfinished work or of anyone failing to perform his/her duties in a satisfactory manner to the Supervisor of Operations;
  • advise the Supervisor of Operations of caretaking replacements or extra help that may be required.


Assist with the general cleaning of the school

  • Clean corridors and entrances during the day as may be required;
  • assist with and supervise all major cleaning during school breaks. e.g. Christmas, mid-term, and summer;
  • any other related duties which may be assigned by the Principal and or the Supervisor of Operations.


Cater to public use of building and grounds

  • Advise Custodians of any authorized used by outside organizations of classrooms, gym, and grounds in order that Custodians can schedule cleaning of those areas;
  • make necessary arrangements for moving of furnishings where required for organizations using facilities e.g. tables for elections and chairs for programs;
  • any other related duties which may be assigned by the School Principal or the Supervisor of Property and Transportation.



Perform all maintenance work on the building

  • Minor repair all roofs, including flashings, cants, downspouts, caps, fascia, and soffits;
  • repair/replace carpet and tiles whenever required, including baseboards;
  • painting of school facility, interior and exterior as required – including preparation for painting, (scrapping, sanding, patching walls, replacing rotted wood, etc.);
  • carry out preventative maintenance as required;
  • maintain preventative maintenance logs and records as required by the Supervisor of Operations.

New construction and renovations

  • Assist in the renovation of existing space e.g. office areas and classroom areas as required;
  • construct new shelving as required;
  • install shelving, chalkboards, and bulletin boards as required;
  • cooperate in all phases of new construction and renovations i.e. concrete, construction, electrical, and plumbing work.

Perform other general duties

  • Clean the workshop and maintain all tools and stock required for the maintenance department;
  • repair cleaning equipment;
  • remove all garbage from the maintenance shop;
  • clean specified areas of the school when required;
  • use welding equipment if he/she has the ability.

Maintain the heating equipment

  • Repair/replace pumps, motors, and all other mechanical equipment;
  • repair/replace air circulating fans and/or motors;
  • general maintenance on heating equipment i.e. compressors, air lines, thermostats, etc.;
  • repair/replace heating radiators;
  • replace/clean all filters in the heating system;
  • blow down the boiler each day;
  • test boiler water each day and all chemicals as required, and record all readings of the same.

Maintain the plumbing throughout the building

  • Repair/replace leaking faucets and taps;
  • repair/replace all toilet bowls and wash basins that are broken;
  • repair/replace water fountains and water lines;
  • maintain internal sewer lines.

Maintain all electrical systems in building

  • Replace all switches, plugs, and light fixtures as required;
  • replace fuses and/or circuit breakers and test for any overloads on electrical circuits;
  • maintain all controls including heating system and shop equipment;
  • maintain the fire alarm system and test regularly.





Terms of Employment

Levels 1, 2 and 3: (a) hours per day as determined by the custodial staffing formula;

(b) 12 month year;

(c) salary as established by the Board.

Level 4 :       (a) 8 hour work day;

(b) 12 month year;

  1. salary as established by the Board; (or)\
  2. as per the terms of the collective agreement



Jointly by immediate supervisor, the School Principal and, the Supervisor of Operations.