Career Counsellor

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Approved: March 6, 2017
Position: Career Counsellor
Reports to: School Principal

Policy:  The career counsellor will facilitate and support all aspects of career development within the school and increase career awareness of students, parents and staff.

The career counsellor is responsible and accountable to the principal.  The career counsellor is responsible to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the principal and school staff in carrying out this role and its accompanying duties.

When required, the career counsellor is also responsible to work collaboratively with the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent/CEO, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Student Services, Secretary Treasurer/CFO, Human Resources Coordinator, Facility/Maintenance and Capital Projects Supervisor, and Transportation Supervisor.

 Scope of Activities:

The scope of the career counsellor is to:

Assist students in understanding their choices for post secondary education and career training.

  • Counsel students regarding high school program planning such as course and program selection and career pathways, timetabling and scheduling, post-secondary application process and information
  • Work collaboratively with administrator and teachers to promote a cross-curricular approach to career development

Liaise with community leaders, businesses and post-secondary institutions;

  • Build partnerships with post-secondary and other career development providers
  • Facilitate and supervise credit for employment and community service credits
  • Promote the High School Apprenticeship Program available to students
  • Facilitate safety training sessions in partnership with the Safe Workers for Tomorrow
  • Complete and submit WCB registration for students

Provide information and/or direction to students, parents, teachers, and administrators about career and educational services available to students;

  • Counsel students regarding career or vocational issues including career exploration and planning, resume preparation, job interview skills and job search strategies, and make available to students a wide range of educational and occupational information
  • Coordinate and present options regarding career pathways to parents and students
  • Provide career guidance options through the use of “Career Cruising”
  • Coordinate a variety of events and programs such as classroom presentations, career fairs and college/university tours, field trips, industry tours, Take Our Kids to Work Day and job shadow opportunities
  • coordinate co-op and school to work transition programs, and the provision of counselling and information services, such as career information, professional development sessions and exchanges with other educational institutions, to students, parents, teachers and staff

Develop and monitor program data and reports and promote programs with students, parents and staff

  • Track students’ academic progress and credit attainment, transcripts for graduation, and post-secondary requirements
  • Participate in career development meetings, workshops, and committees for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information to remain knowledgeable of program guidelines
  • Prepare a wide variety of informative brochures, mailers, etc. for the purpose of communicating with students, staff, parents and community career options
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience (preferably at high school); knowledge of high school programs and courses; career development/counselling experience is an asset
  • Must possess exceptional presentation skills to classes, staff and community personnel
  • Demonstrated effective written and oral interpersonal skills
  • Proficient with technology including Microsoft Office, Maplewood student management and Career Cruising software
  • Demonstrated experience as a highly effective team member with excellent relationship building skills