Bus Driver (under review)

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Immediate Supervisor: Supervisor of Operations

Minimum qualifications

Must possess a valid Province of Manitoba Class II driver’s license and Bus Driver’s certificate.

Personal suitability, knowledge and skills

  • Ability and willingness to maintain absolute confidentiality about all matters pertaining to his/her position;
  • ability to participate in meetings and training which are required;
  • ability to implement appropriately procedures which he/she learns during meetings and/or training sessions;
  • appropriate maturity, driving experience, and/or fitness for all aspects of duties;
  • interest in and empathy for school-age children;
  • ability to maintain effective discipline on the school bus;
  • thorough knowledge of the local road system, and appreciation of the probable effects of adverse weather;
  • ability to provide clear and concise oral and written communications under varying circumstances.

Position summary

Bus Drivers will be required to:

  • operate School Division buses for the purpose of transporting students to and from school;
  • operate a school bus to transport students on field trips and outings as mutually agreed to;
  • operate a school bus to transport Trustees and/or divisional personnel.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Operate a school bus to transport children to and from schools on an assigned route;
  • operate two-way electronic communication equipment;
  • maintain order and a safe environment among passengers aboard his/her school bus by:
    • preparing and enforcing a seating plan if required to do so;
    • requiring acceptable conduct in all aspects of riding a school bus (e.g. boarding the bus, awaiting departure, staying in seats, not consuming food and/or beverages, behaviour to others, departing from the bus, and crossing roads);
    • to assist in preparing students to carry out emergency evacuation procedures;
    • recording and reporting misbehaviour to the Principal and the Supervisor of Operations.
  • perform daily: a “pre-trip inspection”, complete the “Inspection Log Book” and notify designated personnel of any deficiencies;
  • keep the bus clean inside and out;
  • participate in one eight hour inservice and two bus evacuations per school year, (one first aid training session every third year will take the place of the regular inservice training for that year);
  • assume responsibility for notifying parents of changes in routes, pick-up and drop-off times;
  • assist other Bus Drivers in the event of an emergency;
  • secure a Spare Driver, when required, from an approved list compiled by the       Division. If unable to secure a Spare Driver, the Bus Driver is to notify to the Supervisor of Operations;
  • abide by all Highway Traffic Act, Manitoba Education and Youth and Division policies and regulations
  • take reasonable precautions to secure and safeguard the school bus outside of working hours;
  • service bus with gas and oil;
  • undergo a complete medical examination every two years (annually if 60 or older) in compliance with Board policy. The Board approved Medical Examination Report must be completed by a qualified medical doctor and returned to the Supervisor of Operations who in turn is to report to the Superintendent.       The report will be filed appropriately. The Board furthermore reserves the right to require a School Bus Driver to update his/her medical tests at anytime. This medical examination every two years is a requirement for all regular and Spare Drivers.This completed Medical Report will determine the Bus Driver’s medical suitability for continuance in that role. The Board shall be responsible for the cost of the medical examination. (see also EMD)
  • Furnish reports and other information pertinent to the operation of the school bus as directed by the Division; for example, student transportation lists, mileage reports, accident reports.

Terms of employment

  • Regularly scheduled student days as defined by the annual school calendar;
  • salary as established by the Board; (or)
  • as per the terms of the collective agreement.


Performance of regular route drivers will normally be evaluated by the Supervisor of Operations twice in the first year of employment and every three years thereafter. (see also GHB).