Assistant Superintendent

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Approved: November 3, 2014

Position: Assistant Superintendent

Reports to: Superintendent

Policy: The Assistant Superintendent is part of the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Director of Student Services.

In the event the Superintendent is unable to attend to prescribed duties, due to illness or absence, the Assistant Superintendent shall act on behalf of the Superintendent and during the absence of the Superintendent shall have authority to carry out all duties of the Superintendent.

The Assistant Superintendent will assist the Superintendent in providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational programs in the schools of the Division. The primary focus is to provide leadership and assistance to personnel in the areas of curriculum implementation, staff development, and instruction. The Assistant Superintendent will demonstrate a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and in the enhancement of schools as professional learning communities.

The Assistant Superintendent shall exemplify strong moral values, high standards of ethical conduct, a commitment to the Division’s philosophy of education, and excellent interpersonal, communication and administrative skills.

The specific delegated responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendent arise from the position description of the Superintendent.

Delegated Responsibilities:

Board of Trustees

  • Promotes and supports the implementation of Board policies and directives with divisional staff and with the public
  • Attends all meetings of the Board of Trustees and committees of the Board of Trustees as assigned and/or requested
  • Creates and explains professional learning presentations to the Board of Trustees as requested
  • Provides, upon request, background material, statistics, student achievement and program data for reports to the Board of Trustees
  • Represents the Board, when so directed, at meetings in which the Division has an official or educational interest
  • Develops and drafts policies, administrative procedures, and exhibits as requested

Educational and School Leadership

  • Provides direct support to the Hutterian Colony School administration team
  • Meets regularly with early and middle years principals to coordinate required educational initiatives that would advance early and middle years programming across the school division
  • Attends high school principals’ meetings when available

Divisional and School Planning

  • Leads assigned provincial initiatives as requested
  • Completes required work in the planning, organization, execution, and reporting processes of the Division’s educational plan
  • Participates with the annual school planning meetings
  • Provides leadership to school principals with the implementation of divisional priorities in their school plans
  • Provides leadership to designated Division committees with the implementation of divisional priorities

Curriculum Leadership

  • Provides direction as required to principals with the implementation of new K – 8 curriculums
  • Keeps abreast of general developments in the field of curriculum and brings to the attention of the Superintendent, principals, and teachers those of significance for the school division

Student Assessment and Evaluation

  • Coordinates K – 8 student assessment policies, procedures, and practices that support divisional priorities
  • Oversees and completes divisional student achievement reports on the Grade 3 Assessment in Reading and Numeracy and the Middle Years Assessment of Key Competencies in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Expository Writing and Student Engagement
  • Reviews K – 8 student assessment results and provide recommendations to Superintendent and K – 8 principals


  • Assists the Superintendent and school principals with the recruitment of professional staff
  • Works with the Human Resources Coordinator to establish and maintain a suitable pool of qualified substitute teachers
  • Provides leadership to school principals to ensure that performance evaluations of professional staff are completed
  • Supervises, coaches, and evaluates school principals as assigned by Superintendent
  • Recommends required reassignment of teachers due to program and service requirement changes to the Superintendent
  • Assists the selection committee for principal/vice principals as requested by the Superintendent
  • Offers employment to teachers new to the Division when requested by the Superintendent

Finance and Budget

  • Prepares, in collaboration with the Secretary Treasurer and Human Resources Coordinator, the annual staffing formula – professional staffing allocation documentation
  • Advises the Superintendent in the preparation of the annual operating budget and capital budget for educational and programming activities and requirements that support early and middle years programming
  • Manages, authorizes expenditures, and completes reporting requirements of assigned operational budgets, categorical grants, and special projects

Professional Development

  • Coordinates divisional in-services and workshops
  • Coordinates the PRSD New Teacher Orientation program
  • Supports public education through membership and participates in professional organizations

Parent and Community

  • Develops respectful working relationships with Parent Advisory Councils
  • Develops respectful working relationships and partnerships, as appropriate, with community agencies and organizations
  • Responds to parent and community inquiries about schools, program, and support services
  • Represents the Superintendent at school and/or community functions and events, as requested

Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Education and Experience

  • Holds or is eligible to hold a Manitoba Professional Teaching Certificate
  • Has a post-graduate degree or the equivalent combination of experience and education
  • Holds a Level I School Administrator’s Certificate and a Level II Principal’s Certificate
  • A minimum of 5 years of educational administration experience; preferable at both the elementary and secondary levels
  • Exhibits strong interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and community relations skills
  • Has a broad knowledge of current curriculum and instructional methodology