Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

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Approved:      June 17, 2019
Position:         Assistant Secretary-Treasurer                                        
Reports to:     Secretary-Treasurer/CFO

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer will support the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO in all financial activities including budgeting, accounting, reporting, payroll, and purchasing. The performance of these responsibilities will be in accordance with the Public Schools, Act, Education Administration Act, provincial statutes and regulations, and PRSD By-Laws, Policies and Administrative Procedures.

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible to the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO for such duties as assigned and shall be prepared to act for the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO in their absence or in delegated duties.

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent/CEO, Secretary-Treasurer/CFO, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Student Services, Facilities Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, Information Technology Supervisor, Human Resources Manager and school administrators.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Assumes responsibility for the general supervision and management of the School Division Administration Office, including direct supervision and evaluation of the administrative assistants, finance and payroll staff within the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO’s Department as assigned;
  • May delegate portions of duties to designated personnel, but retains definitive; responsibility and accountability for related results;
  • Reports to and participates in Senior Administration meetings, Board meetings, Board committees, and other Board administrative functions as required;
  • Maintains membership in appropriate professional associations, and participates in the activities of such associations to further professional development;
  • Attends all meetings as deemed necessary by the Superintendent/CEO and/or the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO;
  • Provides primary support and troubleshoots for the finance/payroll systems as necessary
  • Maintains accurate records for chartable donations.

 Board of Trustees

  • Compiles and distributes PRSD Board of Trustees’ agenda packages, and minutes;
  • Maintains and communicates a calendar of meetings and events for the Board of Trustees. Coordinates PRSD Board of Trustees’ registrations and arranges for approved conferences, meetings, etc.;
  • Attends, records, prepares minutes, and provides administrative support to regular board meetings and assigned PRSD Board Committees;
  • Creates and distributes the Board of Trustee Monthly Indemnity form under the direction of the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO;
  • Provides administrative support for the Secretary – Treasurer/CFO regarding matters of the Board (correspondence, research, newsletters, meeting reports, information reports, filing, photocopying, faxing, emailing, etc.) as required.


  • Co-ordinates, directs and/or performs the accounting, fiscal management functions of the Division;
  • Researches, prepares draft administrative procedures as requested by the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO and/or Superintendent/CEO for efficient and effective operations in the direct areas of responsibility;
  • Prepares financial records, reports, statements, and grant claims as delegated by the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO, and assist with the preparation of the annual Division budget, with specific responsibilities for the expenditures component of the budget;
  • Provides consultative services on budget and financial matters as required;
  • Acts as a signing officer for bank accounts and financial matters; Primary contact person regarding any transactions on all division bank accounts;
  • Approves and controls expenditures in accordance with the approved budget appropriations and through the implementation of proper internal controls;
  • Directs and manages the Division’s purchasing in accordance with Board policies, Administrative Procedures, and direction as required by The Public Schools Act;
  • Directs and manages the co-ordination, planning and operation of the administrative information technology functions related to business/financial application and network support, fixed assets and inventory control;
  • Maintains accurate records of all funds of the Division and direct the handling of cash receipts and disbursements;
  • Co-ordinates, directs, and performs school funds reviews;
  • Establishes and monitors accounts for petty cash;
  • Compiles and prepares the annual working papers and Divisional financial statements for external audit in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the Canadian Public sector accounting standards and as outlined in the FRAME manual;
  • Assists in the preparation of documents for Auditors for the June 30 and March 31 year end audits;
  • Co-ordinates the collection of data for and the preparation of the September 30th enrolment reports to Manitoba Education and Training;
  • Cooperates and works with other agencies in matters relating to school division business administration.

 Payroll Procedures Management:

  • Maintains a thorough understanding of all payroll and benefits information applicable to the Division;
  • Establishes procedures for efficient and effective operations in the payroll department of the Division;
  • Ensures all staff salaries and benefits are paid on a regular basis in accordance with Division policy, collective agreements or employment standards as required.


  • Ensures all PRSD Division Office Staff, supports a productive working climate and positive staff moral and in the resolution of concerns as needed;
  • Recommends to the Secretary-Treasurer/CFO such changes as are necessary in the structure and function of the front office, finance and payroll departments to meet the Division’s needs and recommends any changes to the position descriptions of personnel who report directly to the Assistant-Secretary Treasurer;
  • Conducts regular performance evaluations of personnel who report directly to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and recommends appropriate professional development activities;
  • Recommends the promotion, tenure, and when necessary, discipline as per human resources administrative procedures to personnel who report directly to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

 Educational Qualifications/Experience:

  • A recognized accounting designation or near completion of a recognized accounting designation (CPA) is desirable;
  • Minimum of five (5) years progressive experience in accounting, financial management including budget preparation and control and supervisory experience is required;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are required;
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team;
  • Exceptional computer/information technology skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to initiate, manage, and grow with organizational change;
  • Knowledge of the Public School Act, the Education Administration Act, FRAME accounting system and the Municipal Act is an asset;
  • Knowledge of Board of Trustees’ governance role, function and operation is an asset.