Acting Principal

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Position: Acting Principal

Reports to: Principal/Superintendent

Policy: In accordance with the Collective Agreement between Prairie Rose School Division and the Prairie Rose Teachers’ Association and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and Principal, the Board of Trustees shall appoint a teacher to serve as the Acting Principal.

The teacher so appointed shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the Principal when the Principal and Vice Principal are absent from the school, or when the Principal, where there is no Vice Principal, is absent from the school.

In making the recommendation to the Board, the Superintendent and Principal shall consider the overall ability of the teacher to perform administrative duties for extended periods of time, the individual’s commitment to the school’s and division’s administrative priorities and philosophies, and the relationship the individual has with staff, students, and the school community.

The Acting Principal is also responsible to work collaboratively with the Division’s senior administrative team, comprised of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Facilities Maintenance/Capital Project Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, Director of Student Services, and Human Resources Coordinator.

Responsibilities and Duties

During any short term absence, up to 5 days, of the Principal and Vice Principal, the Acting Principal:

  • Assumes overall responsibility for the school
  • Maintains an effective learning environment which is welcoming, inclusive, orderly, respectful, and conducive to student learning
  • Cares, disciplines, and instructs students in his/her charge as assigned by the Principal
  • Assists parents/guardians with their inquiries and/or concerns
  • Remains in the school building until all transported students have left the school grounds
  • Ensures that all school based extra-curricular events are properly supervised
  • Performs any specific tasks that may be assigned from time to time by the Principal

During a long term absence, greater than 5 consecutive days, of the Principal and Vice Principal, the Acting Principal;

  • Reports directly to the Superintendent and/or designate
  • Subject to modifications, as is reasonable under the circumstances and as approved by the Superintendent, carries out the duties as prescribed in the PRSD Principal job description

Acting Principal appointments beyond 30 consecutive days will require Board consultation and approval.